The Shining

December 24, 2012

Callousness to the classless, inciters on a plate?
Slyness, to an approving nod, a corruption, a roar.

To a kingdom once lived
A kingdom late.

Nothing to see for miles
Not even a drink to drop.

Words that pour when angels froth
The rage of the flickering light.

These words were bound to accompany,
On this journey, the fate of the Shining.

the god forsaken septology

April 18, 2005

NYE 2012

Sydney Harbour, its 11:59 pm, a million people have gathered to watch the fireworks at the waterfront. Quite a few of them with such bated breath, that if they were breath tested for ‘dopey lust’ it would rate well above the legal limit , it was mostly cause they have been planning their advances on this monstrous occasion to get their new years off with a bang. Then there were the others who were drunk out of their skulls, to forget a similar motive they should pulled off tonight, but incidentally they did manage to breath-match their lust dove counterparts in the alcohol version of the same meter. Anyways the clocks ticks by, its heading towards midnight, the excitement soars , so does the facial excrement levels, well above any limit on any devised meter. The countdown begins, 10, 9, 8 , 7….the crowds keeping joining this frenzy of a countdown and are getting louder by the second. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, then finally a loud one. But for some reason, no there are absolutely no fireworks after that one. Not one. It should have been renamed a countdown to silence, now that i think of it. All of a sudden, the large appointed TV screens in the area(and across the world) flickered as if channels were being changed and every single person by now forgot about the fireworks and let out what will be known in history as the loudest gasp ever recorded in history of the mankind. It was a familiar sound, everyone had experienced it at their workplace, but this collective gasp was bizarrely louder, doesn’t matter if the next few moments were more unexpected than bizarre.

There he was in pristinely clear hi-definition wide-screen digital. God. He looked pissed. He was absolutely furious, he showed such a state of rage, it was scary, more so on surround sound, but really if you knew him personally, you would understand his problem, it was just plain despair, utter despair to be exact, with the human kind, it also seemed like he had momentarily forgotten he was on television, but when he did remember, he smiled. The smile could be best described as the sort a 6 o clock news-reader flashes on screen when has to switch to a story about poor cat being rescued from a tree, right after reading out the shocking news about 122,723 deaths in a remote part of Africa due to contamination of botox injections. Nobody during those moments would see the funny side of God making his debut on the small screen or would have thought God would turn out to be such a fine actor, or the even the E News report which followed a few days later, about a few Hollywood producers offering Him a special appearance role in the much awaited comeback of a famous sitcom, or maybe just the eternal secret that God himself chose to appear on TV instead of the skies, cause he was smart enough to know that appearing in the skies would really just scare the shit out of people. So TV it was.

“This is God. I know you might not recognize me, but i’m sure you’ve heard of me, The Holy One, Allah, and whatever else you guys call me. Anyways, I have decided to finally take matters into my own hands, and sort out the mess you humans have had created about who I am, and where is this life leading to. My time is precious as you all might know, but ive got 7 days off for this ultra long weekend, so I’m gonna use it to analyze what exactly went wrong in my creation here on earth. I will be consulting a range of people and then exactly one week from today i will call upon a single representative of every religion and race to a conference, and there, all shall be revealed. The venue is still undecided. So stay tuned, and like all other good interruptions, i’d like to say, sorry for the inconvenience.”

And then it was back to regular programming, no more no less, God didn’t like beating around the bush, or so it seemed, 60 seconds of airtime is all he needed to get his message across, people working at the TV stations across the world would be really surprised and happy if they knew he had already posted them cheques in the mail for using that unsolicited airtime, thats how considerate he was, how could he not be, after all he was God.

There was a pandemonium outbreak right across the world after this guerrilla type broadcast, and as you might expect, people are excitedly talking about this amongst themselves and spreading news to their families and friends who missed it, “Do you know God himself came on TV about 5 mins back, yes GOD!!HE has finally decided to provide us with the meaning of life, isnt all this wonderful, arent we all lucky??I wish Aunt Emma were alive to hear this one”, there were others were less apprehensive, “Do you think it was some kind of joke man, who thought God would really exist? I thought he was just a figment of fiction created to keep people under control! Think about it, money just wouldn’t work if there was no fear of God, but Brij, if he really does exist, we are doomed, we’ve got to work real jobs for the rest all our goddamned lives” , while most people were having a similar animated conversation of sorts, there is a group of people who aren’t really jumping or talking about this recent appearance extraordinare of the biggest celebrity ever known to the human race, who really transcends all races, colors and even most celebrities in looks. These poor philosophers feel like they’ve lost the battle, knowing the point of life just totally ruins it for them, the general feeling within them at that moment ranges from getting angry at every second person to feeling extremely suicidal, they see no point of living anymore cause they wanted to discover the meaning of life themselves, and now God himself arrives on the scene and the ultimate answer will be for all to know within the next 7 days. “What a selfish jerk” some mutter, dumbly forgetting that he can hear each one of us, and if you did realise he could listen to you, then you tend to forget its a highly stressful job by any standards deciphering 7 billion people, 24 hrs a day, thinking of it as working at a 7/11 store serving the same amount of people every second, whew, makes me glad about being unemployed! But overall, people of all religions were really happy that God finally decided to come out of the closet, they were all eager to know the meaning of life and they were ready for it, but more importantly what made them truly truly excited was experiencing the joy of knowing that their religion was on the right track all this time, when the true meaning of life was finally revealed, so they can all go “Halleomallah” at the top of their voices and of course that also means they get the biggest prize of them all, the ultimate pleasure of telling every other religion to go stick their teachings up their….


the picture

April 4, 2005

I was capturing something more than in the cameras
while i lay recording this picture by the window still
icy polar caps were starting to abandon this private hill
brain cells were being chocolate-coated with immaculately slow luxury
i was sure that this was certainly depriving some incredulous beings of pomp
waiting breathing inhaling sighing and then, finally leaping
all this, combined with regularly insane amounts of sleeping
was like taking a being further away from being
where no man has gone before, or ever will, dared to, dreamt of
or will ever, vomit in its path
while its being advertised by your favorite company in superb technicolor
it wont be visible at all, yet maybe one day, a thought suddenly appears without thinking
you’ve barely noticed it, but it lingers on, as a song, singing
then just like a light bulb waiting to fulfill its nightly dream, it ignites with a flash!!
questions arise, but answers usually fall!
everything feels like the prizes aren’t it all!
lost hopes start making no sense, their gain no loss
laughters around you remain largely, unsolicited
the cause then finally decides to reveal itself,
as if it were an imploding finale on your imposing self!
and this thrust of purpose will always be yours, to buy, rent or loan,
on dvd, vhs or, on a slightly better clone


March 22, 2005

dump it all
on the miscerati
your soul wont hurt
till your lies sore out
funny you should mention it
ingrained in your senses
is a pattern to discriminate
between right and proper

dye and pauper
incromii and lauper
realed to the senses
is an eye to be sought
living within a project
int a red dire in a thought

cry my literate fools
illiterate are you in many forms
the eye you cast upon
isnt the eye you bought

it was an open book
but vision was incredilous
lee small
words were trapped between letters
when they looked upon you to be read
begged upon you to be worded
each sound that it made was in itself real
but you recorded it, you fools
to be later read

a dollar for your thoughts, two for your dreams..

March 4, 2005

Sell me your questions, i must insist
for all the answers loom over high seas
friends, family, freedom, fragility
forlorn is theme of this hour

biding time, or buying?
walking sideways, avoiding gently
people places hope and tranquility
for dire is the need of understanding
how immense this stage is
where we only spectate, speculate or gestate
oh, what a waste!!

senseless are our senses
disheartening, our dramas
distracted happiness satisfies most
to the point they begin to gloathe?

so scared are the masses of self thought
that only acceptance is a path now usually sought
intutions, fleet like an early bird
with it, all speeches and spurts

rise and shine o naked one
look ahead, find your morbid son
who only affirms your realisation
you’re enslaved to the highest bidder
a dollar a thought, two a trigger..

Untitled 1

February 18, 2005
incosynco propoplasms
direbolic aquisitions
libodastic gropulovisions
inner scholastic brokenisms

part hard part cold
part nice part told
reprise not scold
invite inccoumb


life song

February 17, 2005

9 . 10
seven . eleven
north . south
lunch . dinner
fried . roasted
tried . toasted
shiny . postit
happy . sad
up . down
right . wrong
peace . war
love . hate
pray . mate
laugh . cry
wet . dry
black . white
brown . white
five . fifty
plant . risky
plan . tricky
pry . frisky
sleep . work
pluck . point
kill . smash
tres . groin
heave . ho
play . go
right . wrong
ping . pong ?
life . song

irrigation of trust

February 4, 2005

complexity resolves everything
please do further complicate matters
just enough so you can pass through
ahh that seems to be working
the cloak around you is now changing its colors
so expensively, its nearly impractical to see you

its survival, you mentioned casually, months ago
and unconciously so did the parasites
the day before they infested me
i suggest you take these empty words
and fill them with conviction

why the sour face? ok i do apologize
cheer up, it is a brand new world
with carefully polished(refurbished) ideas
you try your best to shine alike
so what do you need to fear?
yourself?…but you havent been introduced
is it the six feet that trample on your footsteps?
i assure you they will grow up.
this myopia brings with it its advantages
happiness for one, malnutrition another

choices seem to make you
as indecision is now utterly unacceptable
problems will need to be resolved
so strike one metaphor after another,
the food will always need to be eaten
“eaten will always need to be the food”

faraway notes from a promised land

January 12, 2005

the poisoned land, it was called
the promised one it became
for a few it rained, the ideas
ideals was it renamed

armed by a box
and not the rocks
they sold them to the blind
filled with grime, and all the crime
the hate now permiates

none had seemed the merrier
or more so, the richer
their cries were drowned
and nowhere to be found
them lies now procreate

while the blind do follow, leading the blind,
and the criers, they keep their pains
not knowing, they speak their armoured chant
“hallowed be thy name”

the promised land, as was it, called
the poisoned, it became
for more it rained the unshed tears
hell was it, so renamed

to a friend

November 7, 2004

you’re laughing about matters that kill
and inquiring about matters that are non existent
you percieve that times aplenty
but the sand is always heading towards gravity

hear, no comments
speak, no pretense
ideas afloat with inaction
towards a prize without sweat

i dont adore thee
nor disrespect
pray without typing
to thyself and be


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